Saturday, December 15, 2012

New piece and process info

Newest piece, printed on canvas and framed (by my talented boyfriend) ;) to be painted over as well.

I received a question on tumblr regarding my technique when it comes to starting and maintaining interest in a painting...i thought it was an interesting question, and thought I'd share my response, here.

"Thank you for the question :) When I was in school I made my studio classes top priority.  I did fine in my history and lit classes, but I never invested a ton of time in them - just enough to get a B or higher. This left me with more time to work on art. I would also work in class, take my laptop and tablet EVERYWHERE, and only work on projects that I was REALLY, REALLY excited about.  Whatever the project was that we were given, I would find a way to appeal it to my interests, and talk to my teacher to make sure they were okay with it. ((In my experience, if you bring a fantastic idea to a teacher, even if it differs a little from the original plan, they will give you some artistic license.))

As for getting in the mood, I frequent tons of art websites, read lots of art and fashion magazines and collect inspiring images, quotes and videos.  Create an arsenal of images that make you feel excited, inspired and competitive. Most important is to have your own driving force...something to keep you going when there's no one around to kick your ass. For me, it's competition. For others it's self expression, politics, passion, etc.

Once I have a project I'm excited to work on, I just jump into it...sketches, referencing, color studies -  they can be annoying, but these are all things to be enjoyed in and of themselves.  Once I get started on the actual painting, I have a very comfortable setup and routine that keeps me happy. I put on a movie or a tv show that I like, buy my favorite energy drink (or beer if i'm not feeling productive) and just pour myself into work for...endless hours.

Sorry for the long response, but it's more complicated than just a schedule.  TL;DR - Get hyped BEFORE you start working, enough to last you till the end, and make sure you're super comfortable through the whole experience! :)"

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